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Biosignal recordings are now much easier



Neuro & Cognitive Sciences

ExG, any signal type of EEG, EOG, ECG or EMG, are well-known methods to explore the human brain and behavior. We make that mobile and open. The Explore records, with easy access to data interfaces. It can be used in different domains, such as

  • Biosignal research based on ExG measurements

  • Classical EEG paradigms

  • BCIs

  • Neurofeedback and cognitive assessment

  • Sleep, drowsiness and vigilance research

  • Cortical synchronicity studies

  • Mental training


Pushing the Frontier

The availability of mobile biosignal data in our age is pushing the frontiers of science and medicine. The Explore system is a bridge from the human body to any possible interface. It enables a direct connection to any software, tool or research-application, in any environment, at any time. 

  • VR applications and interfaces

  • Human engagement studies

  • Human Factors research

  • Clinical applications and therapeutics

  • Mental training and psychological research

  • Gaming


Brain Computer Interfaces

We are surrounded by a world of devices that we control with touch, voice or gestures. ExG data has been used to control devices, and holds a great promise to develop truly thought-controlled interfaces in the future. The Explore system is a high-end easy-to-use solution to build BCIs on mobile or computers via our API.  

  • Brain-computer interfaces (classic or hybrid)

  • Control of vehicles or wheelchairs

  • Gaming or smart home applications

  • New forms of human-machine interaction

  • A better solution for locked-in state patients


Cardiology, pneumology

Long-term ECG recordings at high precision. From the 8 Channels that Mentalab Explore can continuously record, a full 12-Ch. ECG can be derived. Respiratory sensors can be added to the input channels. Data can be accessed on mobile, or recorded on internal flash memory:gt

  • ECG recordings

  • Mobile / ambulatory / Exercise ECG

  • 12-Channel-Holter

  • Mixed signal physiology measurements

We are currently developing novel products based on this technical basis. Please get in touch to learn more.