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Mentalab Explore is a better solution for precise mobile biosignal recording. It can send data to other devices and interfaces, as well as record and store, both for long-term mobile use.

Mentalab’s application-sided code is open. We invite you to use and build upon our code base. In doing so, you help others learn and grow.  APIs on Github.




Technical specs

Start recording in <1min.: 

  • 4 or 8 channel high-grade ExG sensor

    • EEG, ECG, EOG or EMG

    • 1000Hz internal sampling, downsampling to 250Hz

    • 24 bit resolution, +-2,5V Input range

    • <1 μV referred noise, 120 dB CMRR, 1 GΩ input impedance

    • Common reference and ground

  • 3D position and motion tracking with 9-axis mov

    • Up to 200 Hz sampling rate

  • Wireless transmission, App, APIs

    • Full raw data per Bluetooth to mobile or pc

    • Android App for real-time data visualisation, recording, sharing, API

    • Up to 14h+ wireless transmission

  • Data storage on board

    • 500MB NAND-Flash memory

    • data access via USB

    • 20h+ recording time in offline-mode (data storage)

  • Temperature sensor

  • Choice of different caps and electrodes